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Name: Dennis van 't Hoofd

Dennis They said it would pass, that it would just be a phase in my life. This noise pollution. I knew better. Metal will never go away and will never get boring. There’s new bands and new releases to discover every day. And honestly, is there anything better in the world than to go out in the weekend to enjoy a metal show or a festival and meet up with likeminded people and talk about metal? Or travel to the other end of the world and getting to know people with the same hobby – because once they see the cool band shirt you’re wearing you instantaneously have something to talk about with fellow metal heads? Music unites and lets you forget about all the misery in the world. And since we don’t have so much time on this planet we might as well make it a metal party.

I enjoy my metal in its’ purest form, heavy metal, thrash, death and black metal. My taste is rather conservative and I cherish my classics. The search for the next classic album continues though. The urge to find new music to stimulate my metal addiction is ongoing. And to have an opinion about new releases too. In the year 200o I wrote my first articles for Lords of Metal and after absence of a few years I have returned to the Lords in March of 2017 to write for the best metal e-zine in the Benelux. Heavy metal is the law!!

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