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Koen B.

Name: Koen Bakker

Koen B. My name is Koen (a.k.a. D.J. Virginkiller) and since fucking 2004 you can enjoy or dislike my personal view on the heavy metal scene here at Lords Of Metal. The first hardrock album I bought was ‘Dynasty’ from Kiss and the first gig I visited was from Kiss & Iron Maiden in Leiden (The Netherlands) back in 1980. In the eighties I was grabbed by thrash, death metal and hardcore. Especially gigs from Kreator (@ Scum ’86) Possessed (@ Scum ‘87) & Testament (@ Dynamo Open Air ’87) are my souvenirs of the Eighties.

Nowadays I still visit lots of gigs and festivals and buy vast amounts of vinyls, CD’s and DVD’s. My acquired taste reveals itself in my favourite bands: Infernäl Mäjesty, Slaughter, Destruction, Kreator, Mercyful Fate, Possessed, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Death, Tyrant, Necrophagia, King Diamond, Beowulf, Uncle Slam, Legion Of The Damned, Lärm, Hellhammer, VoïVod, Nocturnus, Sacrifice, Carnivore, Massacre, Bulldozer, Judge, Minor Threat, Venom, Razor, Exumer, Onslaught, Usurper (Netherlands), Wehrmacht, Tokyo Blade, Massacration, Crossfire. Of course this is just a tip of the iceberg and I could go on for hours mentioning great acts.

I’m interested in almost all kinds of metal, from German “yodel”-metal, to NY hardcore until not so well produced black metal. I dislike nu-metal, hurdy gurdy sounds, everything Metallica released after ‘Ride the Lightning’ and people who camp on festivals because they really smell bad. I played in the Dutch hardcore band Disturbing Foresights back in the days and now and then I organize metal and hardcore gigs at underground café De Vinger and Paard Van Troje. I also write for
Headbangers Magazine (under the D.J. Virginkiller monnicker and Den Haag Centraal.

In daily life I try to be a good father for my gorgeous sons Joshua and Damian. I work at
City Hall in the most beautiful city in the world, The Hague and evidently I support my team ADO Den Haag!

Contributions this month


Assacrentis-Colossal Destruction
Killing Capacity-Machines Of War
Horror Stikes-Horror Strikes
Trouble Agency-Suspected
Regnvm Animale / Norn-Brinna / Brenna
Rotengeist-The Test That Divides Us All
Forte Ruin-Rebuilding The Machinery
Negative Self-Control The Fear
Horrorscope-Altered Worlds Practice
End Cycle-Stay Black
Ceaseless Torment-Forces Of Evil
Slavery Farm-Reborn
Remain Untamed-Remain Untamed
Templeton Pek-Watching The World Come Undone
The Flesh Trading Company-Necromantic Rituals : A Mass To Raise The Dead In Nine Parts
For Blood And Vengeance-I Am Your Enemy
Farseer-Fall Before The Dawn
Exiled-Ghost In The Winter
Spiritual Holocaust-Feast Of Maggots
The Order Of Chaos-Night Terror
Vexation-Dark Fear
Confessor A.D.-Too Late To Pray
Kazah-Feed Your Beast
Pánico Al Miedo-Formador
The Cleaner-Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat
Deadly Alliance-Dehumanization
Mike Litoris Complot-The Art Of Pony Party
Voracious Scourge-Our Demise
Science Of Disorder-Private Hell
Heretics-Talent For Violence
Demenseed-Blood Stained Lamb
Cancel-Dark Reveries
Warwound-Burning The Blindfolds Of Bigots
Trumpets Of The Apocalypse-Stabbed To Death With A Flag Pin
Insulter-The Misanthrope
Top Sekret-Piggy Op
Hold The Crown-Hold The Crown
Dr. Gore-From The Deep Of Rotten
Devil Lee Rot-Devil Equinox Ov Doom
Damnation Gallery-Black Stains
Final Breath-Of Death And Sin
S.A.A.B.-Motor Militia
Corners Of Sanctuary-The Galloping Hordes
Destrukt-Unleash The Destruktors
Fallen Angel-Cast Out Of Heaven
MadneS-Die With Your Beer On
Serpent Lord (GR)-Towards The Damned
Irreverence-Still Burns
Red Dead / Undead Vision / Son Of A Shotgun-Sons Of Red Visions
Crowsview-Lost Resistance
Lords Of The Cemetery-Path Of Damara
Desolator-Spawn Of Misanthropy
ArchiTorture-World Peace
Browsing Collection-Don't Want To Dance
Hallux Valgus-Death Will Prevail
Dog Eat Dog-Brand New Breed
Clench Your Fist-Repulsive Indulgence



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