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Roel de Haan

Name: Roel de Haan

Roel de Haan Name: Roel de Haan
Function: Black Metal Editor

To me good music represents a certain kind of intelligence. Emotions should be conveyed with careful thought in order to work best. Desire to innovate is a positive trait in my book but not an obligation. In any case it should not be a shameless copy of something that already exists. Although I primarily review black metal, I am equally enthusiastic about doom and death metal. Quality surpasses genre in my opinion, a view upon music that isn’t shared by many, so it seems.

I think of music as a serious form of art and as a consequence of that view I dread cheerful metal like Finntroll. Power and nu-metal aren’t interesting to me too. Besides that, I consider myself to be reasonably open-minded.

In order to obtain some kind of insight in my musical taste, ten albums I enjoy very much follow below. Of course this list is too short to represent my preferences completely, it’s merely a cross-section.

Satyricon – Nemesis Divina
Emperor – Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
My Dying Bride – The Dreadful Hours
Dissection – Storm Of The Light’s Bane
Opeth – Morningrise
Dark Tranquillity – Projector
Arcturus – The Sham Mirrors
Dødheimsgard – 666 International
Death – Individual Thought Patterns
Solefald - Neonism

Contributions this month


Ophe-Litteras Ad Tristia Maestrum Solitude
Arkheth-12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew
Maladie-Of Harm And Salvation
Beorn's Hall-Estuary
Elegiac-Rise From The Ashes
Ljuska-Vessel Of The Void
Hemelbestormer-A Ring Of Blue Light
Drudkh-They Often See Dreams About The Spring
Chaos Invocation-Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond
Aorlhac-L’Esprit Des Vents
Antlers-Beneath. Below. Behold
Djevel-Blant Svarte Graner
Abduction-A l'Heure du Crépuscule
Deadly Carnage-Through The Void, Above The Suns
Atra Vetosus-Apricity
Above Aurora-Path To Ruin
Wallachia-Monumental Heresy
Profane Burial-The Rosewater Park Legend
Prickrott-Dust Of Osbcure Devastation
Charun-Mundus Cereris
Carpathian Forest-Likeim
Phendrana-Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Thy Catafalque-Geometria
Wesenwille-I: Wesenwille
Terrestrial Hospice-Universal Hate Speech
Merrimack-Ashes Of Purification
Alkaloid-Liquid Anatomy
Skyborne Reveries-Winter Lights
Velo Misere-Genealogía Del Eterno Desasosiego
Stortregn-Emptiness Fills The Void
The Konsortium-Rogaland
Tsjuder-Throne Of The Goat 1997-2017
Majesty Of Silence-Zu Dunkel Fur Das Licht
Walthar The Unbearable Of Evil-Voodoo Death
Furze-The Presence
Cor Scorpii-Ruin
Albionic Hermeticism-Ancient Hermetic Purity
Délétère-De Horae Leprae
Fhoi Myore-Per Antiquum Chaos Divina Animae Fides
Fotocrime-Principle Of Pain
Kontinuum-No Need To Reason
Bonjour Tristesse-Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare
Decline Of The I-Escape
Infernal Execrator-Obsolete Ordinance
Foscor-Les Irreals Versions
Imber Luminis-Contrasts
Vardan-Unholy Lightless Summer
Sear Bliss-Letters From The Edge
Heruka-Deception's End
Carpe Noctem-Vitrun
Demande À La Poussière-Demande À La Poussière
Ichor-God Of Thunder God Of War
Solar Temple-Fertile Descent
The Projectionist-Visits From The NightHag Part 1
Cor Serpentii-Phenomankind
Jet Black Sea-The Overview Effect
Malepeste / Dysylumn-Ce Qui Fut, Ce Qui Est, Ce Qui Sera
Valdur-Goat Of Iniquity
Avast-Mother Culture
Outre-Hollow Earth
The Order Of Apollyon-Moriah
Trollheims Grott-Aligned With The True Death
Esben And The Witch-Nowhere
Akvan-Forgotten Glory
Al-Namrood-10 Years Of Resistance
Darkestrah-Sary Oy
Mayhem-Grand Declaration Of War
Svartidauδi-Revelations Of The Red Sword



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