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Name: Ralph Roelvink

Ralph My name's Ralph and I am the "youngest" addition to the LoM crew. Nowadays, I have an ordinary job in planning, but I have an active past in history when it comes to metal music. With my former band Genetic Wisdom, we were on crusade in the metal scene and during that period I got to know a lots of ins and outs. Great times and a lot of happy memories............but hell yeah, I lost some innocence and illusions as well in those days. Been there, done that........disapointed, ripped off once too many......but proud of all achievements! Now starting at LoM to kick off a new chapter in my heavy life......this time from the other side of the tracks... I have a very wide and varied taste....started with Kiss (yes, I am that old....) but I developed a taste through the years, which holds bands like Arch Enemy and Motley Crue and just as easy Stryper and'll find it all in my collection. Weather it's classics of an ancient past or hot new releases........I just might love it all! Hmmmm, did I say all? Well not exactly......the world of crappy logo's......for metal, is not my cup of tea. Enough about me, have fun at LoM and with my pieces, and if you have questions, remarks or anything else to say....just mail me: A reply is guaranteed.

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