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Name: Sjak Roks

Sjak Music is for Sjak not a hobby, but a “way of life”! In his teenage years he was an avid fan of mainstream bands like Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Talking Heads, Supertramp, Fisher Z, The Cure and Ultravox to name just a few, but he got infected with the heavy metal virus when he accidentally bought a gold-colored double live-album at the Makro at a bargain sale. That proved to be the timeless live-classic ‘Made In Japan’ of Deep Purple and the pure intensity and great musicianship that was displayed resulted in the fact his personal collection grew with about everything of this British band and his successors Rainbow, Whitesnake and (The Ian) Gillan (Band). When the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal started in the early eighties things really went through the roof and his collection grew very rapidly with releases of Raven, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Trespass, Jaguar, Diamond Head and many others.

Via an advertisement in the Dutch magazine Aardschok Sjak came in contact with other metal music lovers, which shared his passion for listening and collection of heavy metal. As a result of this Sjak became a very active tape-trader and via this circuit his world-wide “network” became pretty extensive . This led to Sjak getting in touch with the editors of the Belgian fanzine ‘Fanfare’, which were looking for an extension of their team. Sjak’s knowledge of the scene, combined with adequate writing skills (and don’t forget his good looks…) made him the obvious choice to join their team in 1991 and that marked his first steps into heavy metal journalism. A couple of years later half of the Fanfare-team decided to set up a new magazine and that led to the birth of the Mindview magazine. Sjak was actively involved with the first six editions, before study obligations forced him to end his contribution. After a break of five years Sjak decided to set up his own fanzine, named ‘Metal Empire’, of which in total six issues were released. In 2003 Sjak decided to join the illustrious ‘Lords Of Metal’-team and nowadays he’s still doing this editor job with a lot of pleasure!

Sjak’s musical taste is very broad, but he has a clear preference for the band Y&T, whose ‘Earthshaker’ album he entitles as a true masterpiece that will never be equaled anymore, but also female fronted metal (Delain, Epica, Within Temptation, Stream Of Passion, Nightwish), US Eighties metal (Dark Angel, Metal Church, Slayer, Flotsam And Jetsam, Exodus), melodic hard rock (Dokken, Fair Warning, Steelhouse Lane, Giant) and even death metal (Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Death, Possessed) belong to his favorite genres!

Besides music Sjak has another life as well: he is married with Astrid from 1992 onwards and together they have two children (a girl named Arantxa and a boy who carries the name Rivelino). In daily life Sjak is Director Managed Services Netherlands with the American IT-company Ciber and he also tries to promote talented bands by means of his management- and promotion company Metal Empire. In the spare time that’s remaining, he likes to watch movies and reading (a lot).

Contributions this month


Entropy Coding-Tales Of The Moon
Eleine-Until The End
Michael Schenker Fest-Resurrection
Hexx-Quest For Sanity/Watery Graves
Judas Priest-Firepower
Phil Lanzon-If You Think I'm Crazy
Dream Ocean-Love Lost Symphony
Stone Broken-Ain't Always Easy
Axel Rudi Pell-Knights Call
Last Days Of Eden-Chrysalis
Whyzdom-As Time Turns To Dust
Kingfisher Sky-Technicoloured Eyes
The Amorettes-Born To Break
Kamelot-The Shadow Theory
Phantom Elite-Wasteland
Asphodelia-Welcome Apocalypse
Bonfire-Temple Of Lies
Venom-The Singles
Raven-Wiped Out
Blitzkrieg-Judge Not!
Anthrax-Kings Amongst Scotland
Riot V-Armor Of Light
Frontline-The State Of Rock
Flotsam And Jetsam-Doomsday For The Deceiver
Follow The Cipher-Follow The Cipher
Angel Heart-Angel Heart
Spock's Beard-Noise Floor
Angel Of Mercy-The Avatar
Elvellon-Until Dawn
Maiden United-Empire Of The Clouds
Primitai-The Calling
Dream State-Recovery
Dare-Out Of The Silence II
Souls Of Deaf-Fortune Favors The Bold
Cyrcus Flyght-The Clueless Caravan
Bruce Dickinson-Scream For Me Sarajevo
Beyond The Katakomb-Beyond The Katakomb
St. Madness-Bloodlustcapades
Tara Lynch-Evil Enough
RSO-Radio Free America
Epica-Epica Vs. Attack On Titan
Mad Max-35
Doro-Forever Warriors, Forever United
Beyond The Black-Heart Of The Hurricane
Metal Allegiance-Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty
Outloud-Virtual Hero Society
Atlas-In Pursuit Of Memory
Leah-The Quest
Osukaru-House Of Mirrors
Sapphire Eyes-Breath Of Ages
Xtasy-Second Chance
Cirith Ungol-Witch's Game
Meadow's End-Sojourn
Silver P.-Silver P
Leader Of Down-Cascade Into Chaos
Gama Bomb-Speed Between The Lines
Heir Apparent-The View From Below
Sacral Rage-Beyond Celestial Echoes
White Widdow-Victory
Fifth Angel-The Third Secret
Texas Metal Outlaws-Texas Metal Outlaws
Picture-Live!! – 40 Years Heavy Metal Ears 1978 - 2018
Sirenia-Arcane Astral Aeons
Vandenberg’s Moonkings-Rugged And Unplugged
Septagon-Apocalyptic Rhymes
Hell City-Flesh And Bones
Lacuna Coil-The 119 Show – Live In London
Madison-Best In Show
Anneke Van Giersbergen-Symphonized
Artillery-The Face Of Fear