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Name: Jordy van Treijen

Jordy This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was surfing around on Lords of Metal and, what the fuck, what do I see there? There�s a job available as �nu-metal redactor�. Fucking hell!!! That�s something for me! A few days later, after a test review and a test interview, Horst send me an e-mail: �Congratulations, from now on you�re a part of the crew�. �Goddamn, this kicks ass�, I thought by myself. Not only I could spent more time listening to music than I already did. But it was also a good way to test my journalistic abilities, because I wanted to go to the School of Journalistic (Now I�m really studying there!) and I want te become a music journalist in the future!

That was February and now we are half a year further, I�m 18 years old now (�Little kid�, I can see and hear you guys thinking that :D) and writing for Lords of Metal is even cooler than I thought it would be. I�ve reviewed a lot of stuff, varying from little bands from Hungary and our small country to big international bands. Beside that I�ve also seen some great concerts, of which Chimaira and Spineshank in 013 was the greatest, and I�ve met great bands like Ill Nino, Chimaira, Mad Capsule Markets and Spineshank. What could you want more as a small metalhead? Nothing, beside one thing�. A bit of respect!

Because if there�s one thing I�ve noticed, it�s that the so-called nu-metal is the most disrespected metal styles of all. I can understand that the �elder� people are a bit overwhelmed by the new and sometimes a bit too commercial violence, but try to listen to it and try to appreciate it! We �kids� also learned to like the elder bands, like Iron Maiden. It�s something totally different than the modern metal we listen to, but a lot of youngsters, including me, like this band too! Why would it be impossible for you to accept our music of we are able to accept yours? Alright, you don�t have to lower yourself to Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park, because that�s crap, but there�s more than that!

Don�t see this as an attack on the older ones, but more as a question to appreciate the newer shit, or at least to try to appreciate it. Take as an example Chimaira and Lowdown, bands that sound a lot like Slayer and Pantera. That�s absolutely great music for lovers of the last two bands and it will amaze you that some young guys can make such great and balanced music!

But� we can�t all like the same music, although it makes me tired to hear each time that �nu metal� is crap, commercial and without any inspiration. It�s so much more than that! Take that from me!

But, I�ll stop bitching about that, I just want to say that I like it with Lords of Metal. The crew is very collegial, despite the fact that the biggest part of it shits on my �speciality�. Anyway, I hope I�ll keep on writing for Lords of Metal for a long time, even if it�s just to expand the horizon of the naive ones :P.

I greet you all�

�Dickhead� Jordy (I was a member of the crew for two weeks and somebody called me that! How fast can your reputation grow?!)

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