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Frank D.

Name: Frank Dieters

Frank D. This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

When I was a four-year �old toddler, I got my dads old (green!) LP-player and some worn down LP�s for Christmas. The life in our small apartment building never went back to the way it was before. The music of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Ram Jam loudly filled the small bedroom. If I had gotten a dime for each time my parents shouted, �Can you put that noise down?� or �We have neighbors you know!�, I had been a millionaire by the age of nine. During the remains of my youth I listened to almost everything as long as it had guitar riffs in it. I still remember being blown away when I first heard �Prowler� of the LP �Iron Maiden� and later �The Warning� of Queensryche.

Now, I�ve grown older (and sometimes wiser) and I have developed into a genuine metal and rock carnivore. From powermetal to punk/ cross-over, from industrial to gothic and from Stonerrock to vikingmetal, it�s all my cup of tea. As long as it isn�t to extreme (and it rarely is) I listen to it.

One thing remained unchanged throughout the years, the love for good ol� vinyl! I said it many times already and I will say it again: the sound of, for example, �Live After Death� of Iron Maiden is much better coming from vinyl than from a CD. And if that doesn�t convince you: just look at that outstanding LP cover with those details. You can�t compare that to a small CD booklet, now can you?

Besides listening to music, until recently I�ve been active in putting concerts together. To be short, listening to CD�s and demos, going to concerts and review bands is in my blood. Therefore I didn�t have think twice, when I got the opportunity to work at LoM.

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