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Name: Selim Lemouchi

Selim This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

Selim Lemouchi was born in 1980 in the magnificent city of Eindhoven (the Netherlands). The first half of his life is fairly irrelevant since he can't remember jackshit about it anyway. His life really started back in 1991 when he was taken to a joint called Roadhouse in Helmond by his sister. It was the first he came into contact with something called "Hard Rock", and that changed everything.

There he was, surrounded by rugged chaps with Napalm Death shirts, leather jackets and cool long hair. He had already been exposed to Guns n' Roses through the movie "The Terminator" but in Roadhouse they played Sepultura and Obituary and SLAYER!!!!!! It also was in Roadhouse where he got his first guitar off a drunk barfly and that of course was the beginning of the end. Oh well...those were the days.

Since then he played in Holland�s youngest Metal band Freak Reaction (average age 12), the underground Metal band Godhead and is still active in it's procreation called Hades Adorned. He also has been a member of the Hardcore band Urban Conflict for about three years, which had quite a following in the southern part of the Netherlands. Furthermore he has his own two bands: a Stonermetal band in the vein of Cathedral and Down called Red King Rising, and a Black Metal band called My Heart Is The One.

His musical taste knows very few limits. It ranges from Country to Black Metal, the only thing that is shunned is short-sightedness.

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