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Evil Dr. Smith

Name: Bas Smit

Evil Dr. Smith Bas Smit, or just say \"Evil Doctor Smith\", gets free promo CD\'s and may go to free concerts : E-Zine master Horst only wants his opinion back. That\'s a dope deal! Bas is enslaved to music and he likes everything from guitar-orientated white (male) music to old blacks (er… the old rough/tough blues!) That\'s why he\'s working in a recordstore and a musiclibrary as well. Fortunately he also hate some things and that are too trendy (a bit trendy is not immediately bad), faceless bands (Evil Dr. Smith \'pist*on\' copycunts) and bands that are too busy by making marketing plans instead of creative ideas (Napster forever!), but who doesn\'t? He has favorite grooves and bytes in every subgenre you can imagine that ends with -metal, -core, -wave or -rock. Just some words: Limbonic Art, S.O.A.D./S.O.I.A., Nightwish, Shovel, Zeke, Screaming Trees, \"Gothenburg-sound\", Monster Magnet, Mike Patton, Laïs, Cradle, Kyuss, Dead Kennedys/-Can Dance, \"Eindhoven Rock City\", God Machine, Iced Earth, \"Kraut\", Opeth, NIN, Psychotic Waltz, Dream Theater, Death-/Dark Angel, ouwelullenrock (oldcocksrock?), Tool, \"West Yorkshire\", and the \'M\'s\' of the eighties: Maiden, Metallica, Metal Church, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Manowar and Madonna… oh no, she\'s the \"Mmmh\" of the 80\'s.

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