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Wim R.

Name: Wim Rueter

Wim R. Born in 1965 and it was in the year 1979 that I “fell” for the harder end of music. My infection started with ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ from well-known rockers KISS (and that was not even really rock, was it…..). But that was the first time music really hit me and was more than just a tool to seduce my female classmates on the dancefloor (which was not that successful to be honest). The visual and interactive aspect of music is important to me. I like a honest rock show with some flaws much more than a perfectly performed show from some perfectionists while they are checking out the stagefloor. Music to me is something that gives you a good feeling and gets your energy flowing.

Through the years my taste developed/changed to the AOR/Melodic Rock corner, although I am always open to a good slice of metal. I am a sucker for Scandinavian Rock, don’t ask why….I just do not know. On the other side; death metal and such is not my cup of tea. Since 2011 I have been running a fanpage for Y&T, called The Dutch Y&T Fanpages after being an admirer of the band for years. Besides my love for loud music, I love photography (especially at live shows).

Contributions this month


Erotic Psycho-The Lost Boyz
Ignore The Sign-A Line To Cross
Johan Kihlberg’s Impera-Age Of Discovery
Old Mother Hell-Old Mother Hell
Merryweather Stark-Carved In Rock
Reach-The Great Divine
Marco Mendoza-Viva La Rock
Rhino Proof-Rhino Proof
Wishing Well-Rat Race
Felskinn-Mind Over Matter
Felskinn-Mind Over Matter
Hogjaw-Way Down Yonder
Stevie R. Pearce and the Hooligans-Stevie R. Pearce and the Hooligans
Little Caesar-Eight
Cherokee-Wakan Tanka Nici Un
The Dead Daisies-Burn It Down
BY’CE-Abyss Of The Mind
Sixgun Renegades-Sixgun Renegades
Grand Design-Viva La Paradise
Ron Keel-Metal Cowboy
Volster-Perfect Storm
Deadline-Nothing Beside Remains
Lee Aaron-Diamond Baby Blues
Heartwind-Higher And Higher
Stevie McLaughlin-Toy Empires
Stray Bullets-Shut Up
Paolo Carraro Band-Newborn
Secret Society-The Induction
Ryan Roxie-Imagine Your Reality
Space Elevator-II
Magical Heart-Another Wonderland
Luca Princiotta Band-Rough Blue
Robby Valentine-The Alliance
Paola Pellegrini Lexrock-Lady To Rock
Crying Steel-Stay Steel
Big City-Big City Life
Schubert In Rock-Commander Of Pain
Fred Mika-Withdrawal Symptoms
Hound-Settle Your Scores
Marenna-Livin' No Regrets
Heroes Don't Ask Why-Sound Of A Broken Heart
The Howling Tides-The Howling Tides
Diamante-Coming In Hot
Wytch Hazel-II : Sojourn
Avi Rosenfeld-Very Heepy, Very Purple VIII
DeVicious-Never Say Never
Black Swamp Water-Distant Thunder
King Kobra-Sweden Rock Live
I'll Be Damned-Road To Disorder
Lords Of The Trident-Shadows Of The Past
D'Ercole-Made To Burn
Ace Mafia-Ace Mafia
Federal Charm-Passenger
Snew-You Got Some Nerve
Wrestling-Ride On Freaks
Weapon UK-Rising From The Ashes
Newman-Decade II
Side Effects-Descending Rabbit Holes
Black Paisley-Perennials
Albert Marshall-Speakeasy
The Cruel Intentions-No Sign Of Relief
Be The Wolf-Empress
Midnite City-There Goes The Neighbourhood
Alcatrazz-Live In Japan 1984 – The Complete Edition
Christian Tolle Project-Point Blank
Various Artists-10 Years Of Rock
Dion Bayman-Better Days
Icarus Witch-Goodbye Cruel World
Drop Dead-Mayhem Inc.
Six Foot Six-The Six Foot Six Project
Black Sunday-Backyard Freaks
Dan Reed Network-Origins
Circle Creek-Past Presents Future
Buckets Rebel Heart-20 Good Summers
Dolls Raiders-Free Yourself
Purser Deverill-Square One
DBA-The Sky Is Falling
DNA-Party Tested