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Name: Leon Vonk

Leon My love for Metal started when I was only fourteen years old and got introduced to a Metallica album. When I heard it for the first time I was sold, this was awesome, I couldn’t believe that I had never listened to this music before! Years later I look back at this moment with mixed feelings, as I got introduced to Metallica’s ‘St. Anger’. I started deep diving into the dark world of metal music and was overwhelmed by its diversity, but of all the styles I formed a true love for progressive and symphonic Metal. I often listen to bands like Haken, Ayreon, Riverside or Symphony X, but my musical pallet goes much further than that, my Spotify playlist can literally go from Joe Bonamassa to Bloodbath, or from Jason Mraz to Pantera.

When got my first guitar it was clear… I needed to do something with music. After years of guitar lessons, playing in bands and studying music for two years it was very clear to me that…. it would not be as a successful guitar player! Many years later I found my passion in singing and joined the progressive metal band Epic Mind, with whom I’ve recorded an album that was released under own management. This tasted for more, so I joined progressive metal project ‘Darkest Light’, with whom we hope to release an album late 2017.

I love writing lyrics and creating vocal lines, but my hunger for more hadn’t gone away yet. I also wanted to express my love for music in a different way than listening and songwriting, so, when I saw that Lords of Metal was searching for a writer, I just couldn’t resist signing-up!

Here’s one of my all-time favorite tracks:

Contributions this month


Black Horizon-Zerogon
Melted Space-Darkening Light
Puzzlewood-Gates Of Loki
Kill Ritual-All Men Shall Fall
Cambrian-Point Of Origin
Soul Doubt-The Dance Of Light & Shade
Fractal Mirror-Close To Vapour
Ungdomskulen-Gold Rush
Malady-Toinen Toista
WuW-Rien Ne Nous Sera Épargné
Kino-Radio Voltaire
Haigreen-The Second
Tomorrow’s Eve-Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros
Pinski-Sound The Alarm
Weend'ô-Time Of Awakening
Subsignal-La Muerta
Arena-Double Vision
The Slyde-Awakening
Alberto Rigoni feat. Marco Minnemann-EvoRevolution
Marc Rizzo-Rotation
Crystal Palace-Scattered Shards
Fog Light-2nd Impression
Edge Of Ever-We Came With The Flood
The Sea Within-The Sea Within
TumbleTown-Never Too Late
Galasphere 347-Galasphere 347
Distorted Harmony-A Way Out
Mind Abduction-Comet
Southern Empire-Civilisation
Manes-Slow Motion Death Sequence
Tales Of Autumn-In Madness We Trust
The Kentish Spires-The Last Harvest
Images Of Eden-Soulrise
Great Leap Skyward-Map Of Broken Dreams
Opus Of A Machine-Stray Fire
The Pineapple Thief-Dissolution
Negacy-Escape From Paradise
Stimuli-They Are We
Wandering Vagrant-Get Lost
Ally The Fiddle-Up
Aaron Brooks-Homunculus
Stone Leaders-Stone Leaders
Asymmetry Of Ego-Forsake Beyond The Dusk
Off The Cross-Era
Arabs In Aspic-Live At Avantgarden
Dilemma-Random Acts Of Liberation
Sunrunner-Ancient Art Of Survival
Ashes Of My Memory-Raptures /// Disillusions
Light Damage-Numbers
Summer Storm-First
Divine Ascension-The Uncovering
The Tangent-Proxy
Steven Wilson-Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall
Roine Stolt's The Flower King-Manifesto Of An Alchemist
Last Union-Twelve