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Koen S.

Name: Koen S.

Koen S. What exactly inspires someone to actually start writing stuff on his 40th?

I am still not sure about that.

Maybe because I only have two jobs? Maybe because I have only one wife and one daughter and I just listen to music, play soccer, ride a racebike, play tennis, go to concerts and festivals, learn Spanish in night school and like to go out drinking at a bar, café, cafeteria, reception room or even at a funeral? Or maybe because there are just 3 hours, 47 minutes and some seconds left each month that I don’t necessarily need to sleep, eat and toilet? Even though I have not taken that toilet fact into account.

I'm a typical Belgian who lives in typical Belgium with his typical family, near Reusel, at the border with The Netherlands, so chances you see my fifty kilograms and one meter sixty-one in Tilburg or Eindhoven are as big as in Vosselaar or Antwerp.

I am a loyal visitor of the Graspop Metal Meeting (that festival is almost in my backyard) and I also go to one large foreign festival each year, genre Wacken or Summer Breeze. Also the Eindhoven Metal Meeting is on my list since the beginning and I still regularly go to other gigs in the neighborhood. And this is how it all began:

In 1988 I a schoolfriend “forced” me to buy a bunch LP’s from him, including Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath and Def Leppard – Hysteria. Also that same "friend" sold me LP’s of AC/DC, Motörhead, Helloween and Testament. Since I had a new stereo but no music, I started to play those albums and…liked them.

In 1989 I bought ... And Justice For All with my Christmas money , around New Year I purchased the entire back catalog of Metallica and by then I was just getting started.

In 1990 I bought Left Hand Path for the cover and when bands such as Deicide, Death, Obituary, Tiamat, Nocturnus, Pungent Stench and Napalm Death released all those real death metal classics that same year I was sold . I jumped in the fire. That fire didn’t go away so neither did I.

In between I found out about Kreator, Slayer, Sepultura, Autopsy, Paradise Lost and Morbid Angel and also around that time I went to see the weekly radio show "Thrashing Madness" with Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle) and Marleen live in the local radio studio. There I got in touch with Celtic Frost, Asphyx, Pestilence, Venom, Bathory and so on, when they all were still extremely underground. Good times!

In 1992 I became bass player in a death/grindcore band and played quite a bit of shows in that period with bands like Ancient Rites, Belgian Asociality, Agathocles, Intestinal Disease, Excess Of Cruelty ... but that wasn’t a never ending story. Several of those former band members play now or have played before in more famous bands like In-Quest, Saille or Caducity.

And now we are here. Twenty-five years later and I still listen to metal, and preferably to death metal in all its forms and shapes, but I’m also into black, thrash and grindcore. I spent quite some time to follow all (read ‘a lot’) releases of the aforementioned genres, so I don’t take time to explore other styles that I mostly don’t care about anyway, but I'm always open to suggestions.


See you in the field,

Koen "Smitske" Smits

Contributions this month


Thy Antichrist-Wrath Of The Beast
ANCST-Ghosts Of The Timeless Void
Genocide Pact-Order Of Torment
Myrkraverk -Naer Døden
Cruda Sorte-Ewigkeiten Im Schimmel
Ungfell-Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz
Northwind Wolves-Dark... Cold... Grim...
Hate Manifesto-To Those Who Glorified Death
Lecherous Nocturne-Occultaclysmic
Škan-Death Crown
Altar Of Perversion-Intra Naos
S.U.T.U.R.E-Sacrificed Universe. Torment Unleashed. Raise Extinction.
Raven Throne-I Miortvym Snicca Zolak
Mormânt De Snagov-Depths Below Space And Existence
Acherontas-Faustian Ethos
Djevelkult-Når Avgrunnen Åpnes
Uada-Cult Of A Dying Sun
Curse Upon A Prayer -The Three Woes
Medieval Demon-Medieval Necromancy
Blood Worship-Death's Omnipotence
Moenen Of Xezbeth-Ancient Spells Of Darkness…
Blasphamagoatachrist-Black Metal Warfare
Black Howling-Return Of Primordial Stillness
Dis Orcus-Somnambulistic Visions
Invocation Spells-Spread Cruelty In The Abyss
Mongrel’s Cross-Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court
Dauþuz-Des Zwerges Fluch
Into The Cave-Insulters Of Jesus Christ
Nachtfrost-Spectral Domains Of Dusk
Blood Of Serpents-Sulphur Sovereign
Dödsrit-Spirit Crusher
Malum / Lathspell-Luciferian Nightfall
Fluisteraars / Turia-De Oord
Khandra-There Is No Division Outside Existence
Sjukdom-Stridshymner Og Dødssalmer
Bâ'a / Verfallen / Hyrgal-Bâ'a / Verfallen / Hyrgal
Toxic Trap-Suffering In Diseases
Weltschmerz-Illustra Nos
Paragon Impure-Sade
Lucifer's Child-The Order
Third Storm-The Grand Manifestation
Apatheia-Konstelacja Dziur
Sacrificium Carmen-Hermetica
1914-The Blind Leading The Blind