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William Pezy

Name: William Pezy

William Pezy William was put on the soil of this earth in 1974 and has been a sweet lad his first eleven years. In 1985 all went wrong when his brother brought home the sounds of Europe. This opened the door to Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force. Since then all control was lost and he moved on to Helloween, Nuclear Assault and Death. William turned out to be a total failure as a musician so he switched career and started to host at the age of 17 a radio show called Hard, Hot N’ Heavy wich changed its name to Metaalmoeheid (Metal Fatigue). He managed to do this for fifteen years, in these last years he also wrote for magazines such as: Headache Magazine and Fury Magazine. He listens to Anathema, Journey, The Gathering, Lunatica, Lacuna Coil and goes on to Helloween, Dream Theater, Nightwish, Metallica (no later than the 'Justice' album!) and Testament to end at Kreator and Death. Important: melody, emotion and energy. About eight years ago he quit on these activities and turned to be a nice family man and IT-consultant. At this moment he is father of three children, married and full-time employee and runs a part of an IT department. However his Me(n)tal illness is incurable and takes this opportunity to provide his opinion on about anything.

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