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Name: Ruben Borger

Ruben This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

Rock and Metal has been my major influence from the cradle to who I am now. Yes, I was that child that took Rammsteins �Reise, Reise� with him to school on Fridays. The child that invited friends over and then happily put on Primal Fears �Jaws of Death�. With a metal fanatic father and uncle, the roots of my being are buried deep into the heavy metal soil.

At first I started with, my personal best albums, �Brave New World� and �Dance Of Death� by Iron Maiden. But then I went to high school and there I absorbed all sorts of musical influences. From Kamelot and Nightwish to Machine Head, Metallica, M�torhead and AC/DC (and Airbourne). My first concert was at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I went there to see Nightwish with Anette Olson as their singer. The tour came right after the �Dark Passion Play� album and for me it was amazing! Looking back on the album and the concert, it was terrible and I haven�t listened to the album ever since. That makes it hard nowadays as an objective listener! Until now I haven�t changed! I listen to a lot of new stuff, process it and then try to broaden my horizon even more. That�s the way I roll people!

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