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Name: Ruben Borger

Ruben Rock and Metal has been my major influence from the cradle to who I am now. Yes, I was that child that took Rammsteins ‘Reise, Reise’ with him to school on Fridays. The child that invited friends over and then happily put on Primal Fears ‘Jaws of Death’. With a metal fanatic father and uncle, the roots of my being are buried deep into the heavy metal soil.

At first I started with, my personal best albums, ‘Brave New World’ and ‘Dance Of Death’ by Iron Maiden. But then I went to high school and there I absorbed all sorts of musical influences. From Kamelot and Nightwish to Machine Head, Metallica, Mötorhead and AC/DC (and Airbourne). My first concert was at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I went there to see Nightwish with Anette Olson as their singer. The tour came right after the ‘Dark Passion Play’ album and for me it was amazing! Looking back on the album and the concert, it was terrible and I haven’t listened to the album ever since. That makes it hard nowadays as an objective listener! Until now I haven’t changed! I listen to a lot of new stuff, process it and then try to broaden my horizon even more. That’s the way I roll people!

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