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Name: Dick Dijk

Dick This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

DNA testing was still in its infancy when I was born, we speak of the year 1965, but years later it became clear why that little guy in his box all the time with his head up and down movements made. A little shabby man from America named Alice Cooper was playing regularly on the radio. From that moment it was established that the Hard Rock virus had riveted in several genes, started the rollercoaster years. After buying the first record, �Tokyo� Tapes by Scorpions, I started like a madman steadily working on the expansion of the early collection with bands like Ted Nugent, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Journey, Aerosmith, Styx, Black Sabbath, UFO, Deep Purple Saxon in the early eighties, with a growing fondness of melodic rock such as Coney Hatch, Aldo Nova, REO Speedwagon and all of Glenn Hughes. Also upcoming NWOBHM was embraced: Raven, Venom, Diamond Head and Jaguar were bands that gave the old guard a kick in the ass. The first steps as a DJ where set at the famous and infamous Heavy Metal Nights at club Vera in Groningen, which followed more locations. The many years thereafter consisted of festivals and concerts with equally wacky friends, a holiday in California was completely different than planned, the idea was wandering, but in LA were so many performances by bands as Skid Row, Tesla, Damn Yankees, Badlands and yes, Alice Cooper, I hardly been out of the city. At one point we start and a hobby that got out of hand positive way: co-founder of Headache magazine, absurd five years with a smile and a tear, and shortly afterwards two years editor of Fury Rocks. My experiences, frank opinions and / or twisted thoughts I like to share with you. The hunger for music, like many hard-rock lovers all over the world, is still going strong. On to a new adventure.

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