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Name: Tim van den Dool

Tim This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

I am Tim and at this moment of writing my age counter says thirty years. I started writing for LoM in 2012 because my second love is music. Somewhere around my twelfth my love for rock/metal started, I bought my first CDs of Metallica and Guns N� Roses. Throughout the years the listening shifted to the subgenres like hardcore, sludge and progressive. I find a lot of joy in recommending music to friends, if you like the then you must listen to this or that.

Back to the music. My most important criterion in judging music is I feel an authentic emotion or energy. Does the artists give a 100%, do they dare to tell their personal story. My most important quote to highlight my point is from Charles Bukowski �when the spirit wanes, the form appears�. I notice that a lot of bands express their anger, sadness or other emotions in the first three albums and when the emotion is gone they fall back on technique and this loses the intensity. What Music means for me? I wake up with it, go to bed with it, use it to relax and I learn things from music. I listen everything except billboard top 100 stuff, but 75% is metal. Next to listening music at home, reading articles and searching for new bands I visit about four concerts a month.

If you like enriched sentences, do not read my pieces. I not fond of long and interesting sounding sentences that nobody understands, this loses all the essence of the message. Beside I am dyslectic so the more complicated the lines are the more mistakes I make.

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