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Name: Ype TvS

Ype This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

Ype TvS discovered his passion for music at the age of ten and is active as bassplayer in bands since the age of thirteen. Guns �n Roses and Metallica were the first bands that fueled a passion for rock music. After that, the music of choice turned into �nineties� metalbands as Sepultura, Machine Head and Fear Factory, soon followed by metal�s more extreme subgenres. Simultaneously, a passion for innovative and original music developed, which resulted in a love for bands like Meshuggah, Gorguts and Deatshpell Omega. Besides metal, there is a passion for atmospheric electronic music and quality popsongs. The latter expresses itself musically in a band called Mundo Park, in which Ype plays bass. In metal, he is active in the gloomy project Dodecahedron. The listening to, collecting of, and discussing about music is equally important for Ype TvS as making it, which resulted in writing an applicatione-mail to Lords of Metal.

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