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Edition 184 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

Madhouse. If there’s one word I could choose to describe the past month that would be my first choice. But a pleasant madhouse. The flow of promo material was thus great recently that we can offer you more than 250 new reviews this month, which also means that the interview section also is pretty much stuffed this month. Furthermore the Dutch club season is on steam again, so we visited a lot of cool shows last October. In the coming month lots of awesome bands will hit the Dutch stages also, but for me personally the absolute apotheosis will take place December 15th and 16th at the an-nual Metal Christmas bash at the Effenaar in Eindhoven, more commonly known as the Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Lees verder


  • Chakora - Chakora
  • Hornwood Fell   - My Body, My Time
  • Samsara Circle - The Dark Passenger
  • Secret Rule - The Key To The World
  • Cyhra - Letters To Myself
  • Samarkind - Samarkind
  • Octathorn - For Those Dead
  • Carubine - Futuredream
  • Wo Fat - Live Juju – Freak Valley And Beyond
  • Steel Shock - For Metal To Battle
  • Moonlight Prophecy - Vanquished
  • Almanac - Kingslayer
  • Krane - Pleonexia
  • Eastern High - Garden Of Heathens
  • Under The Church - Supernatural Punishment


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Modus Operandi: Adrian Vandenberg (Vandenberg’s Moonkings)

The dream was of course a Stratocaster, because that was what Jimi Hendrix played. Then I found out it was not the sound I was looking for. But he had magic, he could drive so much power from even hardly undistorted solos. Little did I know it was him, not his guitar.
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Concerts and festival guide Monday 20 November 2017

Full agenda
Who? Where? Notes
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Amsterdam, Paradiso
Game Over - Euphoria Antwerpen, Music City
Helloween (ft. Kai Hansen & Michael Kiske) Tilburg, 013
Kobra and the Lotus - VetrarDraugurinn Nijmegen, Doornroosje & Merleyn
Millionaire Sint-Niklaas, Casino
Robin Trower Verviers, The Spirit Of 66 Cancelled
Vorvaň - The Flesh Amsterdam, Occii