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Edition 178 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

As you might know last month (March) it was election time in The Netherlands, and boy was it a battlefield once again. But besides all the mud-slinging, demonizing, hollow words and empty promises for us it was extra fun to watch how high the metal value of our parliament would become. Well, I can be brief: we, as a population group, are now over-represented. Hurray! Lees verder


  • Alunah - Solennial
  • Seven Hard Years - Stories We Tell
  • Ninjaspy - Spüken
  • Klone - Unplugged
  • Dead Earth Politics - The Moebius Hammersmith
  • Pale King - Monolith Of The Malign
  • Jurassic Park - Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine
  • Elmo Karjalainen  - Age Of Heroes
  • The Moon And The Nightspirit  - Metanoia
  • Ghost Horizon  - The Erotics Of Disgust
  • Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead
  • The Moth Gatherer - The Comfortbale Low
  • Raptor King - Dinocalypse
  • Avi Rosenfeld - Very Heepy, Very Purple VI
  • Cloven Hoof -


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