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Edition 176 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

Time flies my friends, and all of a sudden it’s February and we’ve seen some weird shit in the world of 2017 already. In my own home country we’re on the brink of general elections, and thus every politician lies his ass off in order to getting votes. In the good old US of A they are still in shock over the fact that their new president in fact exactly does what he during the elections said he would do. Yeah, I would be very much surprised also when such happened here. And in the top of the European Union some head honchos are making a big deal out of fake news on social media, carefully hiding the fact that the regular media for ages have told us different variations of their truth, depending on the hand that currently feeds. Follow the money people! Luckily we here at LoM are not bothered with petty nuisances as mentioned above, and so again managed to produce a very well filled February edition. Lees verder


  • Shaarimoth - Antihelion
  • Endezzma - Morbus Divina
  • Holycide - Annihilate... Then Ask!
  • Screamer - Hell Machine
  • Rest - Rest
  • Gloson - Grimen
  • Scarved - Lodestone
  • Electric Guitars - Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio
  • Crurifragium - Beasts of the Temple of Satan
  • The Wild! - Wild At Heart
  • Oni - Ironshore
  • Chained - Dark Dreams
  • Obsolete Incarnation - Eradication of society
  • Hate Unbound - Plague
  • Eternal Samhain  - Storytellers Of The Sunset And The Dawn


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