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Edition 188 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

It is time for change! Away with traditions and other old-timer nostalgia! These words mark the end of our monthly editions and this is also the last time I'll be talking to you by means of this frontpage edito-rial. After almost twenty years of being the conservative brother among the online metal magazines community I have decided it's enough, and that it is time to keep up with the times. What this al means can be read in the rest of this editorial, but the important thing is that all stuff of importance, like the daily upload of new reviews and other articles, will be announced through our Facebook Page and Instagram. Lees verder


  • The Vale  - Autumn In The Valley
  • Requiem - Global Resistance Rising
  • Axel Rudi Pell - Knights Call
  • Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi
  • Necrodeath - The Age Of Dead Christ
  • Usurpress - Interregnum
  • Owl Maker - Paths Of The Slain
  • Soul Doubt - The Dance Of Light & Shade
  • Auri - Auri
  • Fractal Mirror - Close To Vapour
  • Abinchova - Weltenwanderer
  • Djevel - Blant Svarte Graner
  • Wishing Well - Rat Race
  • Malady - Toinen Toista
  • Elegiac - Rise From The Ashes


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Nieuw maar toch vertrouwd: Faster & Louder

Komt allemaal kijken en zorg dat je de eerste legendarische editie van dit nieuwe feestje niet mist… het wordt epic!!!
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