Edition 153 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

Like lightning. So fast another year flew by. No time is of course a relative thing, and everybody experiences it differently, but when you are running an online metal magazine next to a full-time job and a family their can't be enough days in a year. I mean, no so long ago I was still basking in the sun while watching cool bands at summer festivals, next thing you know the temperature dropped twenty degrees and my personal gig closure of the year is already imminent: the Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Always a pleasure. Lees verder


  • Obsessör - Assassins Of The Pentagram
  • Kolony - Sledge
  • Barrowlands - Thane
  • Season Of Ghosts - The Human Paradox
  • The Who - Hits 50!
  • TBP - Musical Colors
  • Repulsor - Trapped In A Nightmare
  • My Shameful  - Hollow
  • N.K.V.D. - Hakmarrja
  • The Heads - Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere
  • Lancelot Lynx - No Time To Die
  • Itnuveth - The Way Of The Berserker
  • Catacombe - Quidam
  • Empire 21 - Empire 21
  • Fangtooth - ...As We Dive Into The Dark


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