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Edition 188 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

When I’m writing this it’s somewhere halfway April and time for a small update about all the changes Lords Of Metal is going through right now. All the what fore’s and what if’s can be found after the break, but the current state of affairs is that we’ll say goodbye to the old edition system completely (which means no back-issues either). From now on Lords Of Metal will constantly be supplied with fresh items and things that have reached a certain age will automatically end up in the archives. All stuff of importance, like the daily upload of new reviews and other articles, will be announced through our Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter channels. For monthly overviews you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Lees verder


  • The Loudest Silence - Aesthetic Illusion
  • Coffin Torture - Dismal Planet
  • Battlesoul - Sunward And Starward
  • Morbosidad - Corona De Epidemia
  • Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram
  • Iron Hunter - Mankind Resistance
  • Hatred Dusk - Blinded By Hate
  • Serotonin - Stele
  • Northwind Wolves - Dark... Cold... Grim...
  • Orange Goblin  - The Wolf Bites Back
  • Dyecrest - Are You Not Entertained?
  • Road To Jerusalem - Road To Jerusalem
  • My Silent Wake - There Was Death
  • Gyze - The Rising Dragon
  • Gluttony - Cult Of The Unborn


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Concerts and festival guide Tuesday 21 August 2018

Full agenda
Who? Where? Notes
Frontline Assembly - Die Krupps Utrecht, Tivoli De Helling
Horror Vacui - Lifeless Past - The Pool Of Tears Amsterdam, Vrankrijk
Mutilation Rites - Solbrud - Seethr Antwerpen, Music City