Edition 156 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

In the last week of February the leading Dutch metal festival Fortarock announced that they had considerably lowered the ticket prices for the 2015 edition. Why? Well, they failed in booking a real big headliner, and the competition the same weekend from other festivals in our part of the world (Sweden Rock, Rock Im Park, Rock Am Ring) was from such a (financial) high level that they are glad to have booked some cool bands at all. Now lowering the ticket prices - also those who already bought a ticket get a refund - was kinda unprecedented. I for one haven't seen such an action ever before, so it seems the festival management had foreseen this would happen after the two highly successful editions of 2013 and 2014 when respectively Rammstein and Iron Maiden headlined the lot. Lees verder


  • Dødheimsgard - A Umbra Omega
  • Feed Her To The Sharks - Fortitude
  • The Clan Destined - In The Big Ending
  • An Autumn For Crippled Children - The Long Goodbye
  • Uhriristi - Haudankylma
  • The Grammers - Journey
  • Reload - Hotter Than A Bullet
  • Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches - Salem’s Wounds
  • Lord Fist - Green Eyleen
  • Savage Machine - Through The Iron Forest
  • Trauma - Rapture And Wrath
  • Heavydeath - Eternal Sleepwalker
  • Fossils - Haudankylma
  • Ashen Waves - Premonitions
  • The Neal Morse Band - The Grand Experiment


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