Edition 150 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

Fourteen years ago some metal dude from The Netherlands decided to follow the trend that was quite popular around the year 2000: starting your very own magazine. The arrival of Internet on a consumer level was for many people the opportunity to start their own publication for just a fraction of the costs of a printed magazine. And it did not really matter if the quality was plain appalling or really great. In time the weaker brothers fell, the stronger ones survived. In the end the Dutch metal magazines landscape has been fundamentally changed, and with a grand total of 27981 reviews, 5173 interviews, 1841 live reviews, 617 specials and miles and miles of news and gig guides I dare say that Lords Of Metal paid an important role in the whole process. I’m off now to drink some beer. Cheers! Lees verder


  • Richie Kotzen - The Essential Richie Kotzen
  • Acrania - Totalitarian Dystopia
  • Exult - Edge
  • Martyrvore - Malevolent Desolation
  • Lustfinger - Zundstoff
  • Crucified Barbara - In The Red
  • Grimner  - Blodshymner
  • Aevangelist - Writhes In The Murk
  • Nostril Caverns - Inside The Cell/The Dying’s Last Breath
  • Eden Weint Im Grab - Geysterstunde II
  • Studfaust - Where The Underdogs Bark
  • Nuclear Warfare - Just Fucking Thrash
  • Upon A Burning Body - The World Is My Enemy Now
  • Seven Impale - City Of The Sun
  • Smash Fashion - Big Cat Love


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