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Edition 185 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

Do you also have this feeling that the year 2017 passed us by like some speed demon from hell? That might have something to do with the fact that yours truly never has a dull moment and has always something to do, but it seems only a few days ago that we, in diverse degrees of intoxication, stumbled into the new year, while a healthy look at the calendar teaches us that we can look forward already to a fresh row of December festivities. And with that I don’t only mean Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but also our own metal Xmas extravaganza: the Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Lees verder


  • Coughdust - Worldwrench
  • Funeral Tears - Beyond The Horizon
  • Embryo - A Step Beyond Divinity
  • No Amnesty - Psychopathy
  • Major Parkinson - Blackbox
  • Disastroid - Screen
  • Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard
  • Darkflight - The Hereafter
  • Ur - Grey Wanderer
  • Big Dumb Face - Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…
  • Coronatus - Secrets Of Nature
  • Les Lekin - Died With Fear
  • Hardland - Hardland
  • The 3rd Attempt - Egocidal Path
  • Discopowerboxxx - Deadlicious


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