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Edition 179 - Foreword by Horst Vonberg

Horst Vonberg

It's early in the morning of May 1st while I'm writing this, and normally the May 2017 edition would have been online already. At least, that's always the aim here, to unleash a new edition nicely on time. I mean, after about seventeen years everybody is kind of accustomed to that, right? But there are days you just can't make it on time, and this is such a day. Lees verder


  • Bloodphemy - Bloodline
  • Bagira - Шрамы (Scars)
  • Wednesday 13 - Condolences
  • Ordoxe - Towards Eternity
  • Ulver - The Assassination Of Julius Ceasar
  • Colour Haze - In her Garden
  • Rogga Johansson - Garpedans
  • Suffering Hour - In Passing Ascension
  • Dautha - Den Förste
  • DragonForce - Reaching Into Infinity
  • Vrtra - My Bones Hold A Stillness
  • Duality - Archeology EP
  • Seven Kingdoms - Decennium
  • Man As Plague - The Frail Compass
  • Atavismo - Inerte


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What was previously considered an Afterburner, Sunday is now a full fourth Roadburn day.
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Concerts and festival guide Tuesday 30 May 2017

Full agenda
Who? Where? Notes
Beartooth Eindhoven, Dynamo
Beartooth, Sylar - Ocean Grove Eindhoven, Dynamo Sold-out
Eddie Vedder - Glen Hansard Amsterdam, AFAS Live
Shellac Kortrijk, Kreun
Shellac - Decibelles Kortrijk, Kreun
The Mission Hengelo, Metropool
Whiskey Myers Amsterdam, Paradiso
White Hills Tilburg, 013